Current Praxis

The newer series House in Mind, Conditions and Blind Traces address associations, intertwinements and entanglements of a mental and physical kind. I use various media to explore the discrepancy between what is past and what is present and the space of connection and discovery between them. The model house and the other objects in my images are orphaned articles of domestic life. They are broken or worn out, and have changed their states. They stand for past times, but nevertheless exist in the present.

In my earlier works I concentrated on the dichotomy between landscape and urban architecture as places rich in relationships. They symbolize movement from one place to another, but also the sensitivities in between. My more recent works foreground the transcendental effect of human images and objects. I continue to pose questions about the familiar and the foreign, as well as about relationships and communicative exchange.

(September 2015)


Short Biography

Having studied at Central St. Martin’s College London and Middlesex University (BFA Hons) Alexandra now lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Parallel to her artistic practice, she works at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) as a team member of the artists-in-labs program – a programme facilitating artistic research by way of long-term residencies for artists in scientific laboratories and research institutes. From 2008 until 2015 Alexandra was the artistic and research assistant to the directors of the Scenography PhD and Master of Advanced Studies Spatial Design programme at ZHdK, for which she managed the courses and ran various workshops and events including the collateral event at the Architecture Biennale 2014 “Z-Club – On Money, Space, Postindustrialisation and….”. In 2012 Alexandra Carambellas finalized her teaching degree in Adult Education. She continues to develop works that are exhibited both in Switzerland and abroad.

1970 born in London
1997-2001 BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central St. Martins College and Middlesex University, London

2013 youngart.ch presents Alexandra Carambellas (Online-Exhibition)
2009 Crossroads, Projektraum *t20, Zurich
2007 Heimatland, station 21 – plattform für junge Kunst, Zurich
2005 In den Raum gestellt, Kunsthalle Artefiz, Zurich

Group (selection)
2014 Thinking/Drawing, curious projects, Eastbourne, UK
2014 Schöne Bescherung, visarte, Art Dock, Zurich
2013 Entgrenzung, sihlquai55 offspace, Zurich
2011 Kunstszene Zürich, Zollfreilager, Zurich
2011 Brücken und Strassen zur Realität, Casa del Arte, Zurich
2011 open]art[space 2011, ehemalige Brauerei Potsdam
2010 Baustelle, stand-by-visions, Museum Bärengasse, Zurich
2009 Bildwelten_3, KunstRaum R57, Zurich
2009 Arte in Luce 2009, Villagio Olimpico, Turin
2008 Schwerelos, Badeanstalt Utoquai, Zurich
2005 Insomnia, Bargehouse – Oxo Tower, London
2003 Hinterland, Imagebase, Zurich
2001 Dis-mantle, Quicksilver Place Gallery, London

2009 raumsprung – interlokal, Open Studios organised by the City of Zurich
2004 Project FUGE, Temporary use of the Housing Estate Bernerstrasse, Zurich (Verein pro Fuge, Pro Helvetia, F+F, HGKZ)

2011 Das Bauhaus wacht auf: Open-Art-Space II in alten Mauern, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, von Lothar Krone
2008 Von Buchstaben und Zeichen, Solothurner Zeitung, von Pia Zeugin
2006 Die Ökonomie des Quadrats, Der Landbote, von Christina Peege
2005 Hinterhältig, 20 Minuten Week Magazin, von Jan Graber
1997 Künstlerische Ausgestaltung im Personalrestaurant Topolino, Die Brücke