Dazwischen mit Beuys (in between with Beuys)
An installation with book, video projection and sound.

View installation, video loop 11 minutes (section)

The work was created as part of the exhibition Blick auf Beuys – 7 Versuche einer Anknüpfung (Looking at Beuys – 7 attempts at connection), Gallery Max Frisch, Zurich, February 2022.

Statement from the exhibition:

Josef Beuys would have turned 100 last year (2021). Much has been written and said about this brilliant and controversial artist and his work. We had planned a group exhibition for this occasion. However, due to the COVID measures, we had to postpone it. We are pleased that it will now take place at the Maxfrisch Kunstbad.

In this exhibition and the accompanying events, the focus is not primarily on paying homage to Josef Beuys, but on individual connections to his work and ideas.

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