Inside out / Project Fuge 2002-2004
site-specific project and installation
Housing estate Bernerstrasse, Zurich

Photographic emulsion, graphite, acrylic and oil pastel on wallpaper

«Inside-Out» is a collage of photographs of the Grünau neighbourhood and the Bernerstrasse housing estate. The photographs were developed directly with photographic emulsion on a bedroom wall and supplemented with drawing. The collage reflects an environment that experienced the atmosphere of transformation and demolition. The room became a temporary documentation of this environment in its last breaths.

Project FUGE: An interim artistic and cultural use of the housing estate Bernerstrasse at the periphery of the city. Beginning in September 2002, the flats in 26 blocks, which were gradually being vacated, were allocated to artists to work in. The work created addressed the on-going change of the estate and neighborhood, the relocation of its residents and its positioning on the periphery of a city.

The project FUGE emerged in the think tank. With cultural interim use, the aim was to extract positives from the verdict of demolition, to do something for the image of the neighborhood and the self-confidence of its residents. Together with the Culture Mobile of Pro Helvetia, the Zurich University of the Arts, and the Office for Urban Development, an association was founded, which was responsible for the concept and implementation of the project, acted as a liaison between the property management and the artists, and facilitated the employment of two curators.

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